In order to continue to provide the quality service you are used to, Fit2Go has implemented a $1/day DELIVERY CHARGE.

Thank you and Enjoy :)

  • Kalia Martin Says:

    "I love this whole concept Everything is perfect! Great job!! ..."
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  • Yurislena Olivera Says:

    "Hello Fit2Go heroes, You guys are amazing... I have lost 35 pounds in 1 month and half thanks..."
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  • Belinda Caballero Says:

    "I love the food selection and not having to worry about what I am going to be cooking everyday! ..."
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  • Lyssandra Ma Alfonso Says:

    "I recovered my pre-pregnancy weight in 4 months thanks to Fit2go. ..."
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  • Amanda Fetzer Says:

    "1st meal was fantastic! ..."
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  • Aimee Cabrera Says:

    "I love Fit2Go! The meals are always delivered on time, fresh and keep me on track with my weight..."
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