The food is very delicious, portion measurements have been taken care so you don't have to worry about over eating. Its very filling and healthy. I'm very satisfied.
This is my first day receiving the lunch and WOW delicious!!!! The grilled vegetables are amazing, the champagne Turkey spectacular, everything was delivered on time, looking forward for tomorrow. Keep it up.
So far I'm so happy that I've ordered fit2go. The open days I have on my schedule are days I'm out of the office. I'm splitting the Meal, 1/2 for lunch and the other for dinner. ;D Happy, happy...thank you.
One of the best healthy foods ive tried !
Hello Fit2Go heroes, You guys are amazing... I have lost 35 pounds in 1 month and half thanks to your healthy/balanced meals. I have more energy in the gym now and I actually don't even feel like I'm in a diet since the food is so delicious :) Thank you for all you do!!

" I cannot get over the absolute, excellent taste of these meals!!! Today was another 5 star lunch! Thank you so much! Your next thing should be to offer cooking classes. Teach us how to cook so delicious while keeping the calories, etc. so low. PLEASE! :-)"