I've lost 20 lbs since using Fit2Go since January 1st. Extremely satisfied with the program.
I started Fit2go on Wednesday, April 11, 2016. I was planning to use the program for lunch, so I would always have a healthy lunch. But the food is so well prepared, I changed my mind and decided to use it for both lunch and dinner, keeping me out of the kitchen for the most part! I didn't know healthy food could taste so good. Thank you, Fit2go. I finally found the right "fit" in your program. Wishing you continued success.
I enjoy the convenience of food delivery to my desk every day. I know I am busy but I am taking care of my health, too.
I love the food. It is always fresh and on time.
The food is delicious and I love how healthy everything is. It really helps keep me on track. With work and school, I don't have time to cook and it was easier to buy all the bad fast food. But with Fit2go, I feel that I have gained control of what I eat. Thank you!

"Fit2Go is absolutely amazing! As a full time employee, full time Graduate student and full time wife, cooking is not my top priority at the moment.I love to eat healthy and so Fit2Go has provided excellent food options, great customer service and answered any and all questions I had when placing my order. I am very happy and thankful for Fit2Go as it provides exactly what I need with healthy food options and convenience. Thank you for everything!!"