I ordered after being away for a long time and the two meals were amazing. I recommend this service to everyone.
Maria A
Asado Fit2go was delicious
I tried fit2go because of a groupon..and I love it. Will definitely continue, great tasting, filling and the detailed information, I can't beat! Plus great service from their staff!
First week of Fit2Go meals was awesome.Great meals and service.
No trips to the store, no cooking time, and great quality!

"Fit2Go is absolutely amazing! As a full time employee, full time Graduate student and full time wife, cooking is not my top priority at the moment.I love to eat healthy and so Fit2Go has provided excellent food options, great customer service and answered any and all questions I had when placing my order. I am very happy and thankful for Fit2Go as it provides exactly what I need with healthy food options and convenience. Thank you for everything!!"