The food is delicious and the portions are perfect. Their delivery is like clockwork and completely un-intrusive. I just go to my door every day and find my bag with food. I am really happy with the service!!
The service was excellent and the food was absolutely delicious the staff is very friendly and accommodating I recommend this service to anyone ( and I am not easily impressed)
Very convenient, while our kitchen was under renovations and when I arrive from Canada after a long drive I got my meal delivered to my door! helped me keep away from junk food too. Keep up the good work!!
Amazing FOOD!!!! Glad I found you guys... coming from a guy that has never explored a healthier alternative to his diet, you have made the transition very easy with great tasting options. Love it. Thank you.
I recovered my pre-pregnancy weight in 4 months thanks to Fit2go.

"All our meals arrive in individual recyclable/microwave containers. Each dish has it's own."

Maya Diaz