The food is absolutely delicious! My husband and I have been eating Fit to Go for dinner and enjoy each evening's dinner. It is filling and, most of all, very tasty! And, we have lost weight, which is our goal. Great job, Fit to Go!!
Great service and food!
I can recommend Fit2Go to any person that appreciates a good quality and tasty food, Enjoy gourmet dishes and the cleanliness on the presentation. Congratulations for such a good job very well done.
The food is very versatile and is surprisingly good - I couldn't believe I was eating healthy. I've heard all of my friends complain about other places they've tried because it was too simple. But FIT2GO was music to my palate - very tasty.
This is such a fabulous cost friendly delivery service when on a holiday vacation. Food is excellent just like when I cook at home.

"All our meals arrive in individual recyclable/microwave containers. Each dish has it's own."

Maya Diaz