I've lost 20 lbs since using Fit2Go since January 1st. Extremely satisfied with the program.
I started Fit2go on Wednesday, April 11, 2016. I was planning to use the program for lunch, so I would always have a healthy lunch. But the food is so well prepared, I changed my mind and decided to use it for both lunch and dinner, keeping me out of the kitchen for the most part! I didn't know healthy food could taste so good. Thank you, Fit2go. I finally found the right "fit" in your program. Wishing you continued success.
I enjoy the convenience of food delivery to my desk every day. I know I am busy but I am taking care of my health, too.
I love the food. It is always fresh and on time.
The food is delicious and I love how healthy everything is. It really helps keep me on track. With work and school, I don't have time to cook and it was easier to buy all the bad fast food. But with Fit2go, I feel that I have gained control of what I eat. Thank you!

"All our meals arrive in individual recyclable/microwave containers. Each dish has it's own."

Maya Diaz